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Once again I have pounded the motorways, driven down the bypasses, A roads, B roads, gone down some tracks even the locals did not know existed.  At times I drove down some things that were nothing more than the width of a garden path to interrogate trainers around Britain. the result is a SPECIAL book….featuring WHAT EVERY PUNTER WANTS TO KNOW ABOUT THE HEADLINE MAKERS FROM THE CORE JUMPING SEASON, BEFORE THEY HIT THE FRONT PAGES

The book is a corker and a must for all jump racing fans.


This is perhaps the longest explanation I’ve compiled concerning the advantages of using the Jumping Prospects book. There’s a reason for that which will become apparent as you read it.
And I strongly suggest you do read it – every single word of it – because even if for some reason you chose not to act on the information contained in it, simply acquiring the information will help you understand more about the benefits any punter will gain from Jumping Prospects.

Having produced the Jumping Prospects autumn book for twenty one of the past twenty three years, with the other two years spent churning out a set of quarterly magazines. To remain in business during the ups and downs associated with writing, promoting and publishing books that provide winners for punters over twenty one years is certainly an admirable achievement.

There are people who have purchased the book religiously since the first copy appeared in 1992. Some of them refer to Jumping Prospects as ‘The Bible’ and they have told me, they could not be without their copy during the jumps season.

Of course not everyone finds the book easy to master. Feedback from those who enjoy the read, but can’t handle the number of horses featured is a common response.
So in cases like this all I can really say to people is in the first instance accept the book as a genuine ‘horses to follow’ book that is informative and entertaining.

You can’t disagree with the above statement, particularly with the focus on entertainment.

People who buy Jumping Prospects expect winners to float off the pages. Well they do, in abundance. The fact is, if anyone of those winners pays for your original outlay, it is job done.

One observation, criticism, general moan from people….there are too many horses to follow.

That takes me back to the original assessment…it is a horses to follow book!

Yes the book is full of trainer interviews and each interview has a selection of horses to consider when they appear. One point to make is that they won’t all appear on the same day.
It is always my intention to narrow down the field of the horses from each featured yard.
Nicholls, Henderson, McCain all house over 150 horses at any one time during the season.
My job is to highlight those that the trainers are keen to promote and a few that are possibly being saved for a rainy day!
This means that only a fraction of the horses spoken about from each yard will appear in the book.

Some readers are not bothered how many horses are featured in the trainer interviews, as they have told me they don’t like missing winners! There will obviously have to be some sort of compromise.

Something I will once again bring to your attention is the best way to attempt to follow the runners on a daily basis. In the past I have recommended readers use gg.com or a similar Horse Alert or Tracker system found on various sites around the web.

Please be aware that some horses are not currently available on various tracker database, as they are ex-Irish Pointers, French horses or newly named British youngsters.

All you have to do is to highlight them in the book index and once they are entered to run, you can add them to your own stable to follow.

This does take some effort, but you can type in one column from the book at a time.

Make life easy for yourself.
Alternatively if you have naughty children, who are computer buffs, make them do it for you!
Once you have completed your ‘stable database’ in the Horse Alerts’ you will receive a free email each day from gg.com listing the horses from the book that you have in your ‘stable’ that will run each day. Once again I will emphasise the service is FREE and it’s FREE to join gg.com!
It really is a very useful tool, but you have to have internet access.
I find this extremely helpful in alerting me about the horses due to run each day from the book.
It is in your own interest to consider this option.

If you take a look at the internet, there are other sites, Racing Post, Sportinglife.com, Attheraces.com and others who offer similar services, but some restrict the size or number of horses you can include at any one time. The fact is that there are ways to help you, if you are able to invest some time to gain rewards from your betting with the help of Jumping Prospects.

In this game, you always have to have an edge to be one step ahead of the shifting sands that make up the complex nature of being able to make your betting pay.

One of the surprising features of the book is that people might actually misunderstand ‘when the book is in its prime’. I’ve always encouraged and advised prospective buyers to ‘place your order early’. Why? Well if you think about it, the more time you have to digest the contents, the better. You are also able to organise your ‘horse alerts’ to make life easier when the real action gathers momentum. Now that makes sense.

Every season the book begins to churn out early winners and decent placed priced horses from the featured list. In recent years, I have begun to realise the importance of taking chances with those that make their seasonal debuts. The results are staggering and impressive.

The past three seasons have produced 100 winners by early to mid-December.
On average 60 of those winners won on their seasonal debuts.
On average 50 of those winners won at odds against. Prices from 5/4 up to 33/1+

Think about that for a moment?
If you have a £10 or £20 stake on any of those winners at 5/4 or above, you recoup your outlay.
If you land a clutch of those winners, then it’s happy days!

Now you might ask how many horses from the book will appear from October until December.
On average 150 of the total number of featured horse might run during the first couple of months of the autumn season.

There are ways to counter having to back them all on more than one occasion.
It is common knowledge that horses that win during the first half of the season, will more than likely not win again until the second half of the campaign. Why?….handicapping..As their ratings rise and most can’t cope with the rise and have to have a few runs to enable them to drop back to their winning mark or near enough to that mark to give them the chance to be competitive.

Another rich vein of potential winning bets… forecasts and tri-casts. It is clear to me that opportunities arise when featured horses appear in handicaps, particularly those from the big stables. It is worth considering investing small amounts or covering entries in dual or combination bets. You only have to land one of the tricasts and the returns will feel like you have won the crown jewels. There are multiple ways to benefit from Jumping Prospects.

If you are serious about your betting Jumping Prospects is packed with powerful information that you can use immediately to increase your profits from your betting.

I’m so convinced that your decision to purchase the 2014 edition of JUMPING PROSPECTS will produce enough winners by Christmas to more than cover the purchase price of the book.

100 WINNERS by the end of November 2013.

76 won First time out of those 46 were odds against at odds from 11/10 up to 16/1.


John Morris, Jumping Prospects

Oldham Evening Chronicle Wednesday 5th October 2011

ANNUALS which stand the test of time do so for a simple reason – they are successful!

I make this rather obvious observation because this year sees the 20th
anniversary of ‘Jumping Prospects,’ author John Morris’s book which focuses
on the forthcoming National Hunt season.
As much a labour of love as a profit-making venture, Liverpudlian John’s
annual offering is a polished gem among similar, yet inferior efforts from
like-minded entrepreneurs.
Jumping Prospects never fails to provide a constant supply of winners,
many at juicy prices, and is written in a witty, yet thorough fashion which
reflects John’s vast knowledge of the jumps game.
John acknowledges the need for the book to avoid standing still, so out has
gone the traditional list of detailed trainer interviews in favour of a more
punter-friendly format based on quality rather than quantity.
This does not mean to say that John has not been out and about speaking to
the country’s top trainers.
It is simply that in doing so, he has identified those horses which he feels will provide his readers with a steady profit and these have been listed, with write-ups, in an A to Z format.

The result is a neater, more concise publication and one which will enable its users to pinpoint horses of interest much more quickly.

The trainer interviews remain at the back of the book – in a shorter form than in previous editions and likely to produce a few dark horses – so, all in all, this is a publication which will pay back its cover price of £15 many times over given considered use of its contents by its loyal readers.


Each interview features a compact selection of… ‘EYECATCHERS TO FOLLOW’. Returning due to popular demand a selection of Jumping Prospects Horses to Follow!


Or by Post – PO BOX 23 MAGHULL L31 0EA

BOOK REVIEW By Chris Pitt Author Long Time Gone & Midlands Racing Club

by John Morris

“Welcome to the nineteenth edition of Jumping Prospects,” the author’s introduction commences. Yes, it’s the usual beginning but, more importantly, it’s testimony to the continued success of this long-running publication, the original and best of what has become a plethora of books previewing the jumping season.

Unlike most of the others, John Morris makes a point of personally visiting each of the trainers profiled in his annual. No phone calls, no email correspondence. And that’s where the value of this book lies.

Once again he has covered over 3,000 miles, traversing the length and breadth of Britain to interview 19 trainers. This year there are eight new stables: Willie Amos, Kim Bailey, John Flint, Warren Greatrex, Martin Keighley, Charlie Longsdon, Lucinda Russell and Ian Williams. The “regulars” are there too, notably Paul Nicholls, Alan King, Ferdy Murphy, Nicky Richards and Emma Lavelle, along with the likes of Rebecca Curtis, Charlie Mann, Donald McCain, plus Welsh wizards Tim Vaughan and Evan Williams.

In addition to each trainer’s appraisal of his or her main hopes, the author provides his own comments and whittles the list down. He also gives his list of “Horses to Follow”, comprising those whose trainers do not have their own section. He’d hoped to include an interview with Nicky Henderson but the great man was away shooting grouse at the time the author was touring the Lambourn area. Therefore, John takes up the challenge of naming his own selections from Henderson’s mighty string.

He suggests in his introduction that readers should “treat the book in the first instance as a general guide to the season”, and yes, the fact is that Jumping Prospects can still be a useful tool come Cheltenham and Aintree. “The purpose of the book,” he continues, “is to help my readers gain an insight into the views expressed by the trainers during my discussions at their stables.”

This year John has invited Rod Street, chief executive of Racing Enterprises Limited, to write the foreword. And with Rod being closely involved with the Racing For Change initiative, John has taken the opportunity to list his ideas for RFC to consider.

Rod hits the nail squarely on the head when saying of Jumping Prospects that it “whets the appetite for the season ahead.” He adds: “Like longer shadows and darker evenings, the guide is an early sign of autumn and the delights of the NH year to come.” Plus of course, it’s invaluable for compiling those Ten to Follow or Bill Ebury Trophy entries. Last year’s annual produced over 200 winners, including lots at working man’s prices, and there’s no reason why it shouldn’t pinpoint similar juicy winners over the coming months.